Jack Abramoff will pay $55,000 after pleading guilty in the SEC case

According to the July 15 ruling in the SEC case against Abramoff, Jack Abramoff must pay $55,000 in restitution and interest for his participation in the illegal promotion of AML Bitcoin. Abramoff would also be strictly prohibited from participating in any future securities offerings.

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The San Francisco court behind the sentencing of the case is seeing recurring criminal charges, on which Abramoff also pleaded guilty, but for which the trial remains uncertain.

The story behind the case

The SEC filed charges against Abramoff and Rowland Marcus Andrade at the end of June, alleging that AML Bitcoin presented false technological capabilities during its initial coin bid (ICO) in 2018, and that Andrade had misappropriated project investor funds.

Addressing Cointelegraph, Andrade attributed most of AML Bitcoin’s current legal problems to false claims made by Abramoff:

„Jack did to us exactly what he did to others in the past. He convinced us to give him and his associates more than $1 million. Abramoff allegedly received bribes from all of his associates to whom we paid the money. Jack would tell us who needed to be hired and what they could do for us. On multiple occasions, Abramoff and his associates promised us the world as long as we kept paying. We should be billionaires right now if at least 5% of what Abramoff and his associates claimed was true.

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Cointelegraph has contacted Abramoff several times over the past few weeks, but he has not been available to make a statement.

Abramoff’s story before the crypto coins

In 2006, Abramoff began a six-year prison sentence that ended in four years for a major corruption and bribery scandal.

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In the criminal case against him, Abramoff faces two separate sentences of up to five years for conspiracy and violation of the Lobbying Disclosure Act.

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